Lost Immortals Ep 208 19.3.23 with Roy Stannard & Matt Staples on Mid Sussex Radio 103.8FM


Lost Immortals Ep 208 Sunday 19th March 2023 5-7pm

Mid Sussex Radio 103.8FM

Roy Stannard and Matthew Staples


The machine demands a sacrifice

More music from the vaults, the revolts, the cultural assaults and the secret music cults.

Beautiful, undiscovered songs from our agitprop audiophiles. Come at it with an open mind and ears.

It could be a rollercoaster..

Hour One

1. Shalom – Narcissist (Sublimation 2023)

2. Guided by Voices – Can’t Stop (Sandbox, 1987)

3. Rival Sons – Feral Roots (Feral Roots, 2018)

4. Nia Archives – Conveniency (Sunrise Bang Ur Head Against the Wall 2023)

5. Colosseum – The Machine Demands a Sacrifice (live) (Valentyne Suite 1969)

6. The Mekons – Watch The Film (The Quality of Mercy Is Not Strain’d 1979)

7. Goose – Hungersite (Hungersite 2022)

8. King Sunny Ade and His African Beats – Sunny Ti De Ariya (Ju Ju Music, 1982)

9. Ladytron – Seventeen (Light & Magic, 2002)

10. Christine and the Queens – To Be Honest (PARANOÏA, ANGELS, TRUE LOVE, 2023)

11. Kendel Carson – One Blue Dress on the Line (Alright Dynamite, 2017)

Hour Two

1. H. Hawkins – Milk For Flowers (Milk For Flowers 2023)

2. Irma Thomas – Wish Someone Would Care (Wish Someone Would Care, 1964)

3. The War and Treaty – Ain’t No Harmin’ Me (Lovers Game 2023)

4. Giants & Pilgrims – Will You Stay (Becoming 2015)

5. Rush – The Spirit of Radio (R30 Live Version) (11:36)

6. Jono Manson – Before We Get Stupid (feat. Crystal Bowersox) (Stars Enough to Guide Me 2023)

7. Patsy Cline – I Fall to Pieces (remastered) (orig single, 1961)

8. Imelda May – How Bad Can a Good Girl Be (Life Love Flesh Blood 2017)

9. Manchester Orchestra – Captain Karma (The Valley of Vision 2023)

10. Pink and Dad Jim Moore – I Have Seen The Rain (I’m Not Dead 2006)

11. Pablo Milanés – Yolanda (Yo Me Quedo 1982)

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Published by Roy Stannard

I'm someone who doesn't like parameters, barriers or fences. I'll try and climb over them, burrow under them or just pretend they don't exist - until they don't. Sometimes I'll write about the mind in a poetic way, or poetry with neural undertones, or I'll proselytise endlessly about my favourite new band - or one of the old ones. My Blog will give you the keys to the kingdom. A kingdom with no borders, no expectations and, therefore, no failure.. Because I am endlessly empathetic with people, their motivation, their behaviour,their problems and their quest for knowledge, I work with the pioneering Brighton-based homeless, vulnerable women and disempowered school students charity Off The Fence Trust that has tried to redress the equality deficit for over two decades. I produce, host and promote two radio shows a week: The Whole Nine Yards Sundays 3-5pm on Mid Sussex Radio 103.8FM (www.midsussexradio.co.uk/listen) - and Lost Immortals on Mid Sussex Radio 103.8FM on Sundays 5-7pm.

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